Here’s to the people who get up every morning and drink a full glass of water, to the ones who keep their head up high when they’re having a bad day and still manage to go for a run. Here’s to the ones who look at themselves in the mirror and see no results but still get off their butts, grab their sneakers and work out. Don’t give up you’re almost there

Short update on my life

I’ve been doing this cool new diet since I got back to college called eating healthy and cooking your own food and treating yourself in moderation. It’s really great, y’all should try it. 

Not, but really. I was super worried that all of my progress (both mental health and physical) would disappear within the first few weeks but I’ve been so good and I haven’t binged and I’ve been eating well and I feel great and I have so much energy and I love life so I realized the importance of two things:

1) Having control over your relationship with food. Turning to it for comfort is just as bad as being scared of it. It’s food. It’s fuel. It’s supposed to be good and give you energy and feed you but it is not a replacement for real human contact. Beneath all of these behaviors are deep-rooted mental health problems, both big and small. Once I began to work through mine, things started changing. But trying to follow a strict diet without getting to the bottom of things was like wearing a band aid where you need to get stitches. It will fall off and you’ll be back to where you started. 

2) Having a good support system is so incredibly important. Last year it was really easy for me to have a bad day and hide out in my room with a pot of nutella feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t do well on a test or my crush didn’t say hi to me. Having my roommates there when I go back home, or talking to my cousin (who has been going through the same things), has given me a much better outlet to work out my problems then hiding them with carbs and chocolate. 

I’m kind of upset today because I went to these dance tryouts yesterday and I didn’t make it, even though I had my hopes up. This time last year would have been a binge day for me, guaranteed. I’ve come so far. And the dance tryouts? I can barely move my legs hurt so much, so at least I got a good workout out of it!

tl;dr- I’m kinda sorta maybe getting my life together. 

p.s. I didn’t want this to be the focus of my update but I am almost at my next goal weight (what I was at before I started college)! So exited I can’t even contain myself.

#actuallynotthatshortofanupdate #sorryguys